Huong Vang

Huong Vang

Huong Vang

Portfolio Analyst

Houng joined Global Ethical Fund in June 2017, where she is now responsible for designing, developing and assisting a quantitative long Global strategy within a multiple strategy balanced Islamic fund while delivering on the investment objectives for Global Ethical Fund. Her main focus is assisting the Senior Portfolio Manager on the formulation and implementation of strategic asset allocations, along with overseeing the meeting of regulatory requirements, reporting and the preparation of the relevant Board papers containing investment recommendations.


Prior to her current role, she has worked as a market analyst, responsible for the input of data into a common database, analysing companies through fundamental methods and supporting a Senior Portfolio Manager in building a diversified portfolio.


“The aim is to make money, not to be right.” – Ned Davis

Currently, Huong is an Associate analyst at Global Ethical Fund investing in Shariah compliant assets contributing to developing a better world through positive ethical investments.


Education & Training

  • Master of Finance (RMIT)
  • Bachelor of Finance (Latrobe)

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Research
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Market analysis

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