Personalised Portfolios

At Hejaz Financial Services, we have a unique offering for sophisticated and wholesale investors. These are investors who have investable funds of over $500,000.

For such individuals, we offer a personalised, tailored, and bespoke investment solution which is built around the investment needs of the investor. Each investor has a different attitude to risk. We listen to what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it and then tailor your portfolio accordingly. Typically, our portfolios consist of direct investment in Australian equities, international markets, specialist funds, fixed income, private equity, infrastructure assets or alternative strategies.

Our portfolio managers then actively manage the bespoke portfolio with an aim to generate consistent returns which outperform the market average.

Personalised Equity Portfolios

An investment and wealth management strategy tailored to your circumstances and goals – including your income requirements, risk tolerances and tax situation.

Regular Reviews

Regular comprehensive reviews on the progress of your investments with your adviser – keeping you informed and your portfolio on track.

Model Portfolios

Hejaz provides a number of portfolio solutions for clients wishing to adopt a hands-off approach to investing but to own the individual equities within their portfolio.

Beneficial Ownership of Assets

You retain beneficial ownership and control with all assets remaining with you, providing you with flexibility, especially around tax planning.

Portfolio Administration & Online Reporting

Reduce your administrative burden at tax time by subscribing to our high quality portfolio administration service. All administration, record keeping and paperwork done for you – including corporate actions, dividend payments, buying and selling of investments and tax reporting. Gain online access to your portfolio through our client login portal.

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