About Us

Hejaz Financial Services is Australia’s premier Islamic Financial Services provider. It aims to cater for the diverse financial needs of the Australian community. It strives to provide an ethical and socially responsible alternative to financial planning while specialising in Islamic Superannuation and investments.

Hejaz Financial Services was founded in 2007 as a private portfolio management firm. With a group of high-net-wealth investors and experienced, skilful portfolio managers, an average annual return on investment of 18% per annum was achieved until 2013. All investments were conducted in compliance with ethical principles of investment.

In 2013 the founders of Hejaz Financial Services felt that these ethical and profitable investments ought to be made available to all Australians. On the basis of this vision, government licensing was sought successfully. Hejaz Financial Services have since provided various financial services to individuals and families all across Australia and allowed each and every one of them to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

As experts in Islamic investments and ethical financial planning in the vibrant Australian Financial Services sector, we believe in building a better tomorrow through ethical investments and financial planning that will bring prosperity to society, sustain the environment, and enhance opportunities for our future generations.

We invite all Australians to partake in our journey.