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Frequently Asked questions

  • Is my Superannuation and Investments in the right Hands with Hejaz?

    Hejaz understands the market cycles that have naturally occurred over the past 200 years, which helps us identify ‘tail winds’ in the market place.  We also understand technical indicators to assist us with the timing of the markets, and fundamental analysis, which helps us select investments that are sitting at deep discounts to their true value.

    In addition, We have access to a team of leading  economic experts, technical analysts and fundamental analysts, both locally and internationally. By delivering consistent and accurate reports, these professionals assist us in understanding the future direction of markets, to optimise management of our clients’ investments and superannuation.

  • How do you make sure you invest Islamically?

    Hejaz is committed to providing a premium alternative for superannuation and investment option that complies with Islamic investment principles. Unlike our competitors, Hejaz engages its Investments in-house rather than outsourcing, not only does this make it cheaper for our clients but also we know with confidence that our investments are made in a rightful manner by our investment team that has accumulated over 10 years of Islamic investments in Australia.

    In addition, 40+ Muftis/Imams/Scholars invest their Superannuation and Cash investments as a show of endorsement and with their help, Hejaz Financial Services examines and researches each investment filtering out companies that are not Islamically Complaint according to the Global sharia investment criteria.

    At Hejaz, you will always be in the right hands.

  • Do you provide any other services apart from Superannuation?

    Yes, Hejaz is currently the leading All-in-One Islamic Financial Services Firm in Australia servicing 1000s of Muslims for their everyday financial needs. You can find all our services under our “Services” tab.

  • What is superannuation?

    Superannuation, or super as most of us know it, is a good long-term savings plan, which will provide you with an income when you retire. For many Australians, super will be their main form of retirement income.

    During your working life you make contributions to your super fund and the earnings you receive are reinvested, building up the value over time. The money that you put into your super fund must generally stay there until you reach retirement, or when you begin your transition to retirement, both after a set minimum age. As contributions to your super fund and their earnings are generally taxed at just 15%, this makes super one of the most tax-effective investment vehicles.

  • What is Tailored Financial Advice?

    Hejaz Financial Services’s approach to developing a tailored financial advice is to consider two key areas- lifestyle goals and investment strategy.

    Lifestyle Goals
    Strategic financial planning advice generally involves balancing a client’s lifestyle goals, which usually means living a fulfilled, if sometimes demanding lifestyle. These lifestyle goals are then layered with your financial objectives and targets. Using sophisticated strategic modelling, cash flow analysis and projections, we compile a plan to stimulate the projected outcome based on scenario modelling.

    Hejaz Financial Services’s strategic planning recommendations are not static; they evolve as the economic environment and your personal situation changes. To ensure the plan is on track, we arrange meetings and keep in regular contact with our clients.

    Investment Strategy
    The second key area is investment advice. Hejaz Financial Services carefully analyses and considers which investment markets are most appropriate for your tactical investment strategy.

    We use this information to construct an investment portfolio, which we believe is most suited to propel you forwards towards achieving your financial objectives.

  • Are you licenced and regulated?

    Yes – Hejaz is currently the only Islamic Financial Services firm with 3 licences. We are a Authorised Representative, Australian Financial Services Licence – AFSL 307248 (issued by ASIC). In addition Hejaz Capital Pty Ltd ABN 44 161 857 478 is a registered Tax Agent, registration number 25227335. Also our Credit Licence number is 491312

  • I can't log in to my online account - what do I do?

    If you have forgotten your Username or Password, please contact our team for assistance on 1300 043 529.

    However if you do know your username, and have only forgotten your password, simply input your username in the member login portal and click “Forgotten Password” and follow the instructions where you will be emailed a new password.

  • What is One-on-One Approach?

    We understand that sometimes, you just want to speak to a real person! Hejaz Financial Services is a boutique firm and we are proud of it. Not only do we welcome your calls and know who you are; you will hear a familiar voice rather than some anonymous operator or an automated message!

    Hejaz takes a personal one-on-one approach with each of our clients, to ensure we thoroughly understand their financial position and what they are trying to achieve. Financial plans are not static; they evolve when and as required. As our client, we meet with you regularly to ensure that as life changes, so too does your financial plan.

    Our team is readily available to you and always happy to assist.

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