Estate planning

Don’t put your family at risk,

protect your loved ones

Estate planning is a way of ensuring that the assets you own and wealth you have built is passed onto your beneficaries in the most financially efficient and tax effective way possible. This is essential to protect your assets and your family.

What assets fall outside the estate?

Planning your financial future doesn’t end with super

A good estate plan can:

  • ensure the ownership and control of your assets passes to your intended beneficiaries and in the right proportions
  • minimise the tax impact on your estate and beneficiaries
  • ensure your estate is administered in a cost-efficient and timely manner
  • protect assets if a beneficiary is involved in any legal difficulties (e.g. bankruptcy or divorce) or under a legal disability.

Once you’ve created an estate plan, you should continue to review it on a regular basis, particularly when an important life event occurs:

  • getting divorced
  • the birth of a child
  • the death of a relative you’ve provided for
  • starting work
  • changing jobs
  • retiring

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