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At Hejaz Finance, the Sharia Compliance of our products is non-negotiable. We have therefore collaborated with and engaged a Sharia Board of local and international Islamic Finance experts, Muftis, Imams and Scholars to guide us, build our products, and provide oversight to ensure that the highest levels of Sharia compliance at all times.

Compliant Source of Funding

Being a wealth management and advisory firm, we can source funds from investment pools available to us.

Compliant transactions (contracts)

Contracts approved by world-leading scholars and local regulatory bodies. Giving you the best of both worlds.

Compliant and secure property ownership

With our home finance product, the title to your property is in your name from day one. That’s fair and safe.

Compliant repayment structure

Our Sharia Advisers have strictly advised us against having variable repayments as this is a unilateral change by the lender and causes uncertainty (Gharar) in repayment. We therefore only offer fixed rate repayments.

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Our sharia certifications

The Islamic financial services sector is the most audited and regulated Halal industry, even more so than Halal food, hence, we have taken our Sharia Compliance to new heights by teaming up with a Global Islamic Finance auditing and advisory firm, Global Islamic Financial Services Firm (GIFS).

GIFS is a South Africa based company specialised in providing Sharia Advisory services, supervision, Sharia auditing and human capital development. Their advisory board comprises of experienced scholars from Africa, the Middle-East, the Sub-continent, and Australasia; along with financial experts who bring their expertise and insight to meet the client’s needs. Their impressive portfolio includes developing Sharia compliant finance products in Canada, the UK, Russia, Dubai, and Australia.

GIFS have been involved in the establishment of the Hejaz Finance product and will continue their involvement by way of on-going Sharia oversight and annual auditing.

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