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Expand your property portfolio with our Islamic investment property finance

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We understand how to structure an investment property finance that helps you achieve greater financial growth. What’s in it for you?

Structuring your Investment Property Finance correctly can save you thousands of dollars. Our Islamic Investment Property Finance Consultants are highly experienced in financing property investments and will assess your personal situation to tailor an investment property finance accordingly. With our in-house finance approvals, you can make an offer on your investment property sooner than you think, and we’ll help you with all the paperwork.

What we can finance

New home

We finance the purchase of New Homes at affordable rates. You can apply online and check your eligibility, repayments and much more. Fast Approval for your new home finance.

Established home

Established dwellings can make great family homes. Best of all, we can finance their purchase. Apply online to begin the seamless finance process.


Hejaz Finance offers home finance for land purchase so you can build your dream home. Get the ball rolling today and apply online.

House & land

Build to your standards, where and how you like. We’ll handle the finances while you pick the façade. Contact us today to assess your borrowing capacity.

We help to make the process simple every step of the way

Help you save for your deposit

With our performing investment funds

Help you find the right property

With our national property partners

Make managing your finance easy

With our easy to use online portal

Designed for your ease and convenience

01 Start application

Start your application with our easy step-by-step form on computer, tablet or mobile.

02 Approval in principle

We’ll call you to go through your application and confirm eligibility for the next stage.

03 Assessment & valuation

Provide your documents for verification. We’ll arrange a property valuation and have one final look at your application to make sure it all stacks up.

04 Formal approval

Once approval is confirmed, we’ll send you the Contract Pack to read and sign.

Need a calculator? use ours.

Home Finance – Eligibility

Employee (PAYG)
6-months minimum employment
Last 3 payslips
Latest statement of current liabilities
Latest tax return and notice of assessment
Proof of genuine savings (Deposit)
ID verification
Self-Employed / Sub-contractor
Last 2 years tax return
Latest statement of current liabilities
Proof of genuine savings (Deposit)
ID verification

Features of our product

Equity & Ijarah


Maximum LVR 75%


Repay monthly


Title in your name from day one


Cash out


Additional repayments


No waiting period


Finance up to $2,000,000


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