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What sets us apart from the rest

For most Australian Muslims, owning a home has long been a dream, Hejaz Finance is now changing that dream into a reality for hundreds of individuals and families across Australia.

With a finance product that focuses on being affordable, accessible, and Sharia Compliant, Hejaz Finance has presented the option of choice for Muslims seeking Islamic finance.

We offer competitive fixed rates across our product suite to offer customers choice and flexibility with their home finance. Whether you are a first home owner or a seasoned investor we offer a range of finance options to suit your needs.

Once you’ve identified the home you love, or decided to refinance your existing mortgage, the last thing you want is unnecessary delays. Hejaz Finance has efficient processing systems in place to minimise finance approval times, while work with you to make the experience seamless and simple.

Focusing on what the community needs

Introducing Australia’s premier Islamic Finance product to easily cater for the Muslim Community.


We uphold our Legal and Islamic obligation to be transparent about all fees, rights, and obligations.

Fixed Repayments

We lock-in and fix your repayments for years, giving you certainty and clarity.

Sharia Compliant

We adhere to the most stringent Sharia guidelines to ensure that our products maintain the highest level of Sharia Compliance

Priced to compete with the banks

We focus on being competitively priced, providing you with affordable Islamic Financing solutions.

Your home is under your name

The title to your home remains in your name.

No waiting period

Our robust process minimises delays and puts you in your dream home sooner.

want a house with your finance?

We will find you an investment property or your new home taking into account your location, budget and features.

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