Islamic Superannuation

Superannuation that matches your lifestyle and values

Why choose Hejaz

Islamic superannuation?

When you make a financial investment, you are also making an investment in the type of future you want.

The choice is yours. Do you want to invest in a world with more Alcohol, Tobacco and poker machines, or a world with more clean energy, affordable medicine and natural resources? The good news is, you can invest in positive activities and enjoy a good financial return by investing Islamically with Hejaz Islamic Superannuation.

Invest Islamically to deliver better outcomes for society, and fulfil your religious obligation without compromising your retirement

Stop investing in weaponry and interest

Start investing in healthcare and infrastructure

What makes Hejaz Islamic super for you?

Competitive returns

Your super is a long term investment. Markets may fall, but they do recover. The Hejaz Super investment strategy is designed to achieve a strong, long-term investment performance.

Internal management

We have an in-house investment team who manage your super. Unlike others, we do not outsource this critical function, setting the management of your wealth as our priority.

Complimentary advice

All our superannuation members have access to Hejaz advisers to gain complimentary general financial advice.

Sharia compliance

Our strict 3 tier sharia compliance process will always ensure your funds are invested in accordance with your values. Our in-house fund management compliments this benefit.

What to expect with your Hejaz Islamic Super membership

Easy notification of new super fund to employer.

Personal contribution into super fund.

Salary sacrifice options

Optional death cover, total permanent disability, trauma and income protection.

Nominate a beneficiary.

Experienced investment committee decides who we invest in.

Member portal access.

Eligible for government co-contributions.

Speak to a real person every time you call.

Hejaz online portal

Keep track of your super online

View and manage your super easily on your computer. Check your balance and transactions, add and update your beneficiaries, update your contact details, find lost super, and more. Giving you peace of mind and security.

Fund description

Your super will be invested in a balanced option.

Investment strategy

We believe that searching for the best investment opportunities should not be limited by borders. We provide investors with exposure to both domestic and international markets. We believe that investment risks can be reduced through adequate diversification.

We have a strong capital preservation element with zero exposure to highly geared and complex structures. We focus on value (i.e. discount to intrinsic value) and quality (i.e. businesses with healthy fundamentals and good earnings outlook) in the investment selection process.




Return objective

We seek to achieve moderate capital and income appreciation over a medium to long term by investing in a diversified portfolio with multi-asset strategies. The Fund aims to achieve CPI plus 3% (before fees) per annum.

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