Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The underlying objective behind establishing Hejaz Financial Services is to save every Muslim from that which is Islamically impermissible, and providing an Islamically permissible alternative without compromising the integrity of the product or service.

Furthermore, we seek to create a sustainable, intergenerational, Islamic financial ecosystem to comprehensively cater for the financial, social, and economic needs of the Global Muslim community.

Our Mission

We will accomplish our vision by providing a comprehensive suite of Sharia compliant financial products and services to the Islamic community. This will be achieved by creating and distributing Islamic Financial Services which are best of breed and exceed industry standards.

Hejaz Financial Services prides itself as an industry leader, providing quality service, professional expertise, and knowledge.

Our 5 Pillars

The Five Pillars serve as a guide for Hejaz as we strive towards exemplary heights.


Australia’s leader in Islamic Financial Services, pioneering the offering of Sharia compliant financial services across Australia.


All-in-One Islamic Financial Services provider in Australia.


Partnering with industry leaders to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Investment Expertise

Experts in Islamic Investments with a track-record, spanning 1 decade.

Sharia Compliance

World-Class Sharia Compliance, strictly adhering to approved Global Sharia Standards.

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