Sharia compliance

This page details our process for carefully investing your superannuation in an ethical manner.

Built by experts, approved by scholars

Over 50 years of collective sharia compliance experience

At Hejaz Financial Services, we employ a 3-tier Sharia governance process to ensure the Sharia compliance of our services. We begin by subscribing to the leading Sharia Standards stipulated by AAOIFI. Thereafter, we engage the services of IdealRatings to filter the investment universe so that we are left with only Sharia Compliant investments to populate our clients’ portfolios. Lastly, we have appointed a renowned global Sharia Board, GIFS, to oversee our Sharia governance process and to Audit us periodically to ensure that the highest standards of Sharia compliance are upheld.

Our principles

Our investment screening

Our global sharia board

Our sharia certifications

The Islamic financial services sector is the most audited and regulated Halal industry, even more so than Halal food, hence, we have taken our Sharia Compliance to new heights by teaming up with a Global Islamic Finance auditing and advisory firm, Global Islamic Financial Services Firm (GIFS) to help ensure all our products and services exceed the sharia compliance standards.

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