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Have you been looking for a knowledgeable and reputable financial establishment that is completely sharia-compliant? There is a myriad of financial institutions in Australia, but the vast majority do not operate within Islamic law. That’s exactly why we’re here!

Since 2007, Hejaz Financial Services has been helping Muslims in Australia with various methods of halal finance, superannuation, and other investments. The experience that we have across many areas of Islamic finance has given us the knowledge to work with and help people all over Australia. We understand the importance of balance in what we do; ensuring that everything that we do here is beneficial to society as a whole as well as the individual.

Over 10 years of Islamic Investment experience we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance.

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For Muslims currently residing in Australia, we offer a range of solutions that are designed to be respectful, understanding and compliant with the Islamic law. Whether it’s helping you plan for the future, managing your wealth, providing you with advice for choosing a halal superannuation fund or even giving you assistance with your tax, we’re more than happy to lend a hand.



We understand that Muslims in Australia now have a need and desire to access Islamic finance services that cater to embracing spirituality and niche values. It’s with this notion that we have found a gap in the industry, allowing us to provide assistance to those requiring halal superannuation advice, or even guidance towards investments, all the while remaining ethical.


Our experts have a wealth of experience in Halal investments.


We only deal with licensed and regulated platforms.


We are the leading Islamic share market experts in Australia.

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Rokibul Islam

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Our Investment Principles

Hejaz Financial Services considers the security of the client’s funds to be of paramount importance. We therefore only invest in highly reputable companies, regulated managed funds, and listed securities.

  • Hejaz Financial Services changed my view in relation to investing. I have found the staff and in particular the Chief Executive Officer, Hakan Ozyon, to be highly knowledgeable, talented, dedicated, passionate, honest and approachable which has allowed me to build a rapport with the team.
    Since becoming a client of Hejaz Financial Services I have received advice on business structures, superannuation, investment opportunities and managed funds. By implementing the advice that I have received I have been able to earn a return of 26% on my investment within a one year period.
    Hejaz Financial Services have done an amazing job and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable financial advisors.

    Mr Haseeb Mian – Lawyer
  • I have invested my Superannuation with Hejaz Financial Services since 2014. They were efficient in consolidating and transferring my super and i did not have to get involved in the process at all. It was seamless. I am very reassured by the fact that over 30 scholars have their super invested with Hejaz and am eagerly awaiting their Islamic Loan product which, i believe, will make them the unparalleled all-in-one Islamic Financial Services provider in Australia.

    Dr. Kashif Izhar – Emergency Medicine Director/Specialist
  • I approached Hejaz Financial Services in 2015 for their Islamic Superannuation services about which i had heard some amazing feedback. I found the team at Hejaz to be professional, helpful and prompt. In addition to Super, they were able to assist me with tax advice, and asset structuring which helped me minimise my tax. I now know that i have a team of financial and accounting professionals that i can rely on for all my financial and accounting needs.

    Dr. Syed Imran Chanth Basha – Emergency Medicine Specialist
  • I have been with Hejaz Financial Services since 2014 for their Islamic Superannuation and Insurance services. During this time, my superannuation portfolio performed well above industry averages and far exceeded the returns that i used to make with my previous super fund. Over this time, many of my colleagues and friends who were with conventional super funds complained of their super balances falling dramatically due to financial crisis around the world. However, i found that my super performed amazingly well even in these testing financial times. I’m very happy with the investment managers at Hejaz.