Home finance


Use our suite of popular mortgage & home finance calculators to work your borrowing capacity, home finance repayments, stamp duty, savings targets and more.

Borrowing power

Calculate your borrowing power based on your salary and financial commitments.

Home finance repayments

Work out your minimum weekly, fortnightly or monthly home finance repayments.

How long to repay?

Work out how long it will take you to repay your Islamic home finance.

Stamp duty

Find out the stamp duty payable on your property purchase in your state or territory.

Lump sum payments

How much time and rent can you save by paying a lump sum off your home finance?

What can I afford to borrow?

Work out how much you can afford as it determines the amount we will finance.

Compare rates

Compare home finance from different lenders based on rates, fees and more.

Remaining balance

Use this calculator to work out the remaining balance of your home finance.

Achieve savings target

Find out how much you need to save weekly, fortnightly or monthly to achieve your savings target.

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